My Laboratory, And Welcome To It


Hello, and welcome to the Purple Ranger’s laboratory/kitchen.  Just to clarify things, I am the Purple Ranger in question.

If I can ever get the themes turned off on this page, and get the Look & Feel design I want, you will see that this page is described as “The Fannish Side Of Food.”  “Fannish” in this sense referring to science fiction fandom.

One thing you have to realize about SF fen (that’s the plural of fan, by the way) is that most of us are above average when it comes to intelligence and imagination.  And when you turn that intelligence and imagination to food and drink, the results can be quite spectacular.

I enjoy cooking.  I enjoy turning my kitchen into a mad scientist’s laboratory.  And I enjoy sharing the results of my experimentation.

That’s the purpose of this particular corner of cyberspace.  I plan to share recipes and other musings on food.  Definitely the successful ones.  Maybe even some of my occasional attempts that are not quite so successful.

Sit back, and enjoy the ride.



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