Chocolate Oatmeal


While I don’t have any one particular favorite breakfast, I do enjoy a nice hot bowl of oatmeal. When I was younger, one way I liked to eat my oatmeal was to take a handful of chocolate chips and stir them into the oatmeal. The heat from the oatmeal melted the chocolate chips, turning the cereal chocolate. (Come to think of it, I still enjoy eating oatmeal this way.)

Not too long ago, I was in the mood for some chocolate oatmeal. There was just one little problem — I didn’t have any chocolate chips. Fortunately, I did have some cocoa in the pantry, so I started using my ability to mentally visualize recipes (or as I call it, my Visualization Of The Cosmic All) to create a new version of my chocolate oatmeal.

If you take a look at most cartons of oats (whether Quaker or a store brand), you’ll notice that, for a single serving, it calls for a half cup of oats, and one cup of either water or milk. Most of the time, I make my oatmeal with water, but this time, I decided to use milk, thinking it would give a better taste to the final product. (At some point, I will have to try this with water to see if there is any difference in how it tastes.)

I also found myself deciding what cocoa to use. I had containers of both Hershey’s original cocoa, and their Special Dark cocoa. I finally decided to try three different variations on three different days. (Hey, I like oatmeal, but there is a limit to how much one can eat in a single sitting.) The first day, I tried the Special Dark cocoa. The second day, I used the original cocoa. And on the third day, I used half of each. I would say that using the Special Dark cocoa comes closest to matching using chocolate chips, but all three versions taste good.

And without any further ado, here is the recipe:



1/2 cup rolled oats
1 T. cocoa powder
1 cup milk or water


1. In a microwave-safe bowl, stir together the oats and cocoa powder. Add the milk or water, and stir until blended.

2. Microwave on high power for 90 seconds.

3. Stir, then microwave on high for another 90 seconds. Stir again before serving.

NOTE: You will need to add some sort of sweetener before eating. If you ever bit into a chunk of unsweetened baking chocolate when you were younger, this will taste quite a bit like that if you don’t add some honey, or sugar, or whatever other sweetener strikes your fancy. Trust me on this one. I suspected this would be the case, and I did a quick taste test before adding some honey to confirm my suspicions.

NOTE: You might also try adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to the oatmeal before adding the milk or water.

Add whatever you normally like on your oatmeal, and enjoy.

YIELD: One serving



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