Monthly Archives: November, 2011

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

ENTRY #16 1111.25 I love chocolate. That’s probably no big secret, but I thought I should state this for the record before I continue. Several weeks ago, for my birthday, my parents sent me a package of chocolate chocolate chip cookies. And a little over a week ago, they sent me another package of cookies; …

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Thanksgiving Turkeys And The People Who Love Them

ENTRY #15 1111.22 First of all, I want to state clearly and for the record that most of this entry is something that I am sharing, with the original author’s permission. The author in this case is Ellen Byerrum, the author of the “Crimes Of Fashion” mystery novels. (If you have not read any of …

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Sweet Cream Scones

ENTRY #14 1111.15 I think there’s only one way to describe this recipe’s origin, and that’s “Okay, how about this?” It started while I was reading The Homesick Texan Cookbook, by Lisa Fain. First of all, I want to recommend this book. I’ll be writing a review of it, but that will be another entry. …

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