Just A Slight Surprise


First, I trust any and all who may be reading this had a Merry Christmas, and is enjoying New Year’s Day. I went to my parents’ house for Christmas (a four-hour drive), and while I was there, I mentioned to my dad how much I was (slowly) enjoying the chocolate-chocolate chip cookies they had sent. I then asked the question that had been in my mind since they sent me that first batch of cookies for my birthday:

“Dad, where did you get that recipe, anyway?”

His reply caught me just a little off-guard. “It’s your recipe.”

WHAT? [Sound FX: scratching of a record needle]

I asked Dad to elaborate, and apparently, this was something that I had created when I was still living with my parents. When I moved out, I had left behind an index card with the recipe written on it.

This was a little surprising. I have created a recipe for chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. My recipe started with the recipe for Toll House Cookies that Nestle puts on every bag of its chocolate chips, and I started modifying from there. This must have been an early version of my recipe, though, and I think Dad must have done some more modifying of his own. As I mentioned previously, I don’t put nuts in my chocolate chip cookies, whether the dough is chocolate or not. Dad, on the other hand, almost always puts nuts in his cookies.

I’ll take his word for it that this was my recipe, even if it has evolved somewhat. When I compared it to the recipe I currently have, it appears to be a case of evolutionary branching.



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