My Laboratory, And Welcome To It (Again)


Or, if you want to put it another way, Introduction Deja Vu.

Hello, and welcome to the Purple Ranger’s relocated laboratory/kitchen. And just to clarify things, I am the Purple Ranger in question.

The original version of this site is/was located at IReallyLikeFood, which is one of the various Xanga-related sites. As some of you may have heard, there has been some question as to whether or not the Xangaverse will be continuing after the end of this month.

Since the announcement of doom several weeks ago, I have read more than a few Xangans stating that they would be relocating their blogs to WordPress if Xanga disappeared. You may have seen some of them, or you may be one of the influx from Xanga to WordPress. Needless to say, I am joining that influx.

As I stated in my original first entry, I enjoy cooking. I enjoy turning my kitchen into a mad scientist’s laboratory. And I especially enjoy sharing the results of my experimentation.

That’s why I created my site on IReallyLikeFood, and it’s why I’m continuing it here. I will be transferring my old entries — backdated — to this site; just scroll down to everything below this entry.

So, sit back, and enjoy the ride — again.



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